Wave Invasion Promotions

Wave Invasion is an international booking and promotion agency, working as a collective—because even in times of hypercapitalism we can achieve better things by working together. In the artistic black hole of the catastrophic year 2020, four bands joined forces (Xtort, KORINTHIANS, ALPHAMAY, This Can Hurt) to build an international network of bands, promotors and bookers in the post-punk, new wave, gothic and industrial scene, setting up events on the European continent with a DIY attitude. Because underground is the new black. Bands currently in the Wave Invasion roster: Xtort, KORINTHIANS, ALPHAMAY, This Can Hurt, O.C.D., 32 Ohm, The Medicines, Red Velvet Deception, Minusheart.

Wave Invasion Promotions
Underground is the new black


Take part in Wave Invasion Online Festival #5

Let’s have a festival together!

On December 27th, the fifth edition of Wave Invasion Festival Online will take place.

To be part of this online festival with your band you can apply using this contact form. We are looking at performances only, not music videos!

Criteria for our choice of material are amongst others:
-> Good audio and video quality
-> Professional performance
-> Fitting genre (darkwave, synthpop, gothrock, industrial, minimal,… you guess you know what we are about!)

We generally reserve the right to make our choice without any justification on your part.

You are applying for WI:FO5, taking place on December 27th. If your material is chosen, it will be used for a live stream on the platforms: Facebook & YouTube. After the initial stream, it will be available on both platforms (on Wave Invasion Channel on YouTube and Wave Invasion page on Facebook) as on demand play. Your material will only be used by us in this context. You can not demand the take down / deletion of your material from the festival once the initial stream took place.

By applying to our festival, you agree to these terms.

You can enter up to three (3) songs. Please provide the date and location of the recording as well as a short band info.

If your material is chosen for the festival you will receive the info and a webflyer two weeks prior the festival.

Deadline for entry is December 12th.