Wave Invasion Promotions

Wave Invasion is an international booking and promotion agency, working as a collective—because even in times of hypercapitalism we can achieve better things by working together. In the artistic black hole of the catastrophic year 2020, four bands joined forces (Xtort, KORINTHIANS, ALPHAMAY, This Can Hurt) to build an international network of bands, promotors and bookers in the post-punk, new wave, gothic and industrial scene, setting up events on the European continent with a DIY attitude. Because underground is the new black. Bands currently in the Wave Invasion roster: Xtort, KORINTHIANS, ALPHAMAY, La Lune Noire, This Can Hurt, O.C.D., 32 Ohm, The Medicines, Minusheart.

Wave Invasion Promotions
Underground is the new black

Upcoming Shows:

April 8, 2022 – De PIT, Terneuzen (NL) – The Medicines, OCD, 32 OHM
April 9, 2022 – Wild Rover, Aachen (D) – Minusheart, Alphamay
April 23, 2022 – Studio Gonz, Gouda (NL) – Korinthians, Xtort, 32 OHM
June 11, 2022 – Cafe Bluff, Heerlen (NL) – O.C.D., NAMiD’A, DJ Nightporter
June 17, 2022 – Parkhaus, Duisburg (D) – Alphamay, The Saint Paul, Xtort
June 25, 2022 – De Oefenbunker, Landgraaf (NL) – Korinthians, Alphamay, Minusheart, DJ Nightporter
October 22, 2022 – De Roos, Deurne (NL) – La Lune Noire, O.C.D., DJ80
October 29, 2022 – The Shuffle, Nijmegen (NL) – Xtort, Alphamay, El Yasmine
November 26, 2022 – De PIT, Terneuzen (NL) – Korinthians, This Can Hurt, Xtort